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Welcome to the fate of training.

The instruction innovation showcase is developing quickly and anticipated that would hit $252 billion internationally by 2020, as indicated by a 2017 Kahoot! EdTrends Report.

Techcrunch portrayed Edtech as the new fintech. This is on the grounds that, like the current development of budgetary innovation, the utilization of computerized instruction apparatuses is turning into a quick rising use of innovation.

In the midst of the developing rundown of edtech organizations set up to disturb the conventional method for getting things done in schools is FlexiSAF; a Nigerian startup with an expansive vision for the eventual fate of African instruction. The organization’s vision is to enhance the nature of training in Africa at moderate cost utilizing ICT and to make a maintainable business.

FlexiSAF is making a decent begin towards that objective. They are the makers of SAFSMS, a completely incorporated school administration programming. SAFSMS is at present being utilized as a part of more than 400 schools to chop down the many-sided quality of administration. FlexiSAF’s objective is to get 10,000 schools on-board in the following 10 years.

They are additionally the creators of, an e-testing stage and online confirmations entryway, among a few different answers for nursery to tertiary establishments.

One of a kind thing about the startup is the sheer concentration and energy for affecting instruction. Every individual from its building group shares these 3 center esteems: Be Bold, Move Fast and Create Stuff, Focus on the User.

As of now, with more than 50 representatives and 5 workplaces the nation over, FlexiSAF is step by step growing its effect in the instruction part and school life. One of their side undertakings, is centered around showing children of any age to code.

Customized learning is the eventual fate of available, moderate and top notch training to everybody and programming has an essential part to play in that respects. The most effective method to give a restricted involvement in that space is our definitive objective in FlexiSAF” clarifies the CEO, Faiz Bashir.

As the CEO, he is centered around developing the organization, setting up FlexiSAF’s extraordinary work culture and their part in the developing edtech circle.

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