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Obama is advocating for digital citizenship

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In Nigeria, on the off chance that you can’t help contradicting somebody on Twitter or Facebook, you can get blocked which implies that online networking that was required to bring individuals of differing suppositions together is filling in as instrument that is being utilized to tune in to just the general population who concur with us. We’re by all account not the only one with this issue and Obama is discussing it.

President Barack Obama is by all accounts concentrating on pushing the plan for advanced citizenship post-administration as insisted by an announcement issued by the Obama Foundation.

As per the establishment, the first guarantee of the Internet was one of transparency, consideration, and an awesome leveling of chance to be heard — and with all that, a solid, honest to goodness rivalry between various perspectives.

“Going on the web should enable us to learn crosswise over contrasts, to confront testing new data, and to interface with individuals from fiercely differing geographic, social, and ideological backgrounds — in a way pre-advanced life never could. Rather, we now have a circumstance in which everyone’s tuning in to individuals who as of now concur with them.”

As indicated by Obama, almost everybody with an associated gadget knows that it is so natural to reinforc[e] their own substances, to the disregard of a typical reality that enables us to have a solid level headed discussion and after that attempt to discover shared view and really advance arrangements.

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