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You can now send links via Snapchat

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Snapchat has acquainted new components with its iOS and Android applications by enabling clients to connect a site to snap. This means your companions simply need to swipe up to see whatever you interface in Snapchat’s inside program.

With the most recent refresh, clients can simply tap a little paperclip symbol situated in the Vertical Toolkit and sort in a connection, which sounds a considerable measure like what you can do in Instagram as of now in case you’re a distributer or have a confirmed record.

There are a few other cool new components additionally – sceneries, voice channels, and on-request geofilters.

With settings, you can cut a chose region from your snap and put a brilliant example on it, utilizing the scissors symbol. Much the same as normal Snapchat channels, the choice of backgrounds will pivot every day.

Voice channels were already just accessible in Snapchat’s AR live channel focal points. They enable clients to remix their voices subsequent to recording a snap, with an assortment of character voice channels accessible. Clients can likewise make their own particular geofilters now — which will begin at $5.99 — in the “On-Demand Geofilters” segment in settings.

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