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Glo Introduced Another Plan N1,000 For 2GB

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After a few couples of weeks that Glo completely Upgraded Glo BIS on Android and Blackberry gadget N1,000 for 3GB Plan and everybody was a sort of considering how costly the new Absolute and Complete arrangement will be for N1,400 and N1500 individually however the two conveys the same 3GB. Gee…

I Kept pondering who gave them the thought to overhaul the N1,000 plan to N1,400. Many people ported to Glo organize in light of the fact that they found how shabby their information designs is and that it chips away at Android. Presently the deed has been done and Glo need to re-compose their error with this new arrangement they just presented.

On the off chance that you have been tailing me in the earlier weeks, you’ll hear what I’m saying.

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