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How to Use Your Smartphone as a Universal Remote Control

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This is one of the marvels of having a keen gadget, utilizing your savvy gadget to do extraordinary things. This time, you will perceive how to transform your cell phone into an all inclusive remote that can control your TV set, DVD, AC and whatever other machines.

Peel Smart Remote application enables you to utilize your telephone or tablet as a propelled TV remote control. It can control various TV’s, DVD, or any device that requires the utilization of remote control including your AC’. This application is as of now introduced on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 and must individuals never at any point try to open it since they don’t realize what it does.

PeelSmart Remote gives you a chance to utilize the infrared pinger on the highest point of your telephone to send signs to your TV. You can turn on your TV, change channels, and change input – all from your telephone while never touching your remote.

That turns out to be considerably more valuable when you’re some place like an exercise center and need to change the channel on a typical TV. In any event you can utilize it to troll your companions by changing their TV screens without the remote.


Your cell phone telephone must have IR blaster (Infrared blaster)

Where Can I Download it?

For Android download it here

For iOS, download it here

Step by step instructions to Set it UP

1. Open the peel keen television application you just downloaded

2. Tap on “Begin”

3. Presently pick your link supplier (NOTE: If you don’t have a link supplier, pick “Communicate or Over the Air”)

4. Next pick your sex and age run. (This is the manner by which Peel customizes proposals for shows and motion pictures to watch)

5. Presently kill your TV

6. Select “Yes, My TV is Off”

7. Select your TV Brand, at that point select “Next”

8. Press the power catch marked “Catch 1”, ensure your HTC One M9 is pointed at the TV.

9. On the off chance that your TV turned on, squeeze “YES”.

10.Now you’ll do likewise for your link or satellite box

11.Next you can sign in with Facebook or Google to spare your settings and back them up too. You can quit that.

12.Choose the bundles and dialects you are subscribed to through Comcast.

13.Now hit Done.

14. What’s more, you’re good to go.

Takes a touch of time, however it is truly simple to set up. What’s more, the involvement with Peel Smart Remote is very pleasant.

Is your telephone qualified to utilize this application?

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