Alternative Chat Apps

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Skype is probably the most popular IM application and as a matter of fact, it’s more than just an instant messaging app. With Skype, you can keep in touch with family and friends and it supports video calls on almost all mobile platforms except, of course, the overrated Blackberry. Even Blackberry’s most sophisticated smartphone doesn’t support video calls on skype for now.


I’m not the chit-chat type that spends the whole time chatting with people on social networks but Whatsapp really got me. With over 100 contacts on my phone already using it, it’s probably the best alternative to Blackberry messenger since it consumers very little data and it works across all platforms. Even almost all BBM users have Whatsapp installed on their device to keep in touch with their contacts who do not have that thing they call Blackberry PIN.


Although the latest blackberry messenger can make voice calls over Wi-Fi which is quite a big step forward for the company and something very appreciated by all BBM users to say the least, I’ve been doing that with Viber and Skype for a very long time over 3G. Viber is very widely used and also, the free VoIP feature is great.

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