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The last post I made on free browsing on MTN Nigeria network still works till date but I stopped using it some months back. You’re wondering why? I found out something far better and that is free browsing on Airtel Nigeria on opera and all applications like Nimbuzz, 2go, ebuddy, Shmessenger, Bolt browser and any internet application you can think of.

It’s all so easy and there is no special configuration. It’s unlimited free browsing really, not actually free browsing trick. lol.


The process is simple. Load a voucher of 200 Naira and text BISDAY to 440

Number: 440

That is actually the code for activating the daily 100MB data plan for Blackberry phones. It normally expires within 24hrs on a blackberry phone but if you’re using a Nokia S60 phone like me or any other mobile or smartphone phone, you’re on your way to unlimited browsing.

After you might have received the confirmation, switch off your phone and switch it back on. Use the following congiguration:

Access Point –
Username – internet
Password – internet
IP Address – none
Port – none

After activating the plan, be sure not to exceed 100MB within 24hrs or this trick won’t work. The following day, you will receive a text message saying your subscription has expired. Just ignore the message and continue surfing. It depends on your luck, you might be on it for a week or a month, or even more.

They might discover this loophole soon and block cuz it’s already spreading round forums like wildfire but I guess you will enjoy it while it lasts!

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