Oppo F3 Plus Review

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Oppo took the selfie-smartphone craze up a notch last year when the company introduced its F1 Plus smartphone. It packed in average specifications that one would find in a budget smartphone, at a not-so budget price tag. Its saving grace was its construction, build quality, design and that front facing camera, which set new standards for the sub Rs 30,000 smartphone segment.

While Oppo retained the good stuff from the F1 Plus in its successor, the F3 Plus, it also managed to bring in some improvements, including a bigger battery, a powerful processor and let’s not forget the highlight, which is a dual-camera on the front. The new Oppo F3 Plus has also grown larger and heavier thanks to the bigger display and a larger battery, and the price has grown with it. It now costs Rs 30,990.

But the competition too has learnt for the success of the F1 Plus, and capable rivals have been on sale for a couple of months now. So how does it compare with what you get on the Samsung C9 Pro, the Xiaomi Mi Max Prime, the Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra, the OnePlus 3T and the Vivo V5 Plus? Let’s find out.

Build and Construction: 8/10

I loved the design of the Oppo F1 Plus, it was not too large and not too small but just right with a 5.5-inch display. With the F3 Plus, Oppo takes things up a notch and seems to be of the opinion that its customers need a bigger display. So this time around, we get a massive 6-inch display, which makes the smartphone a lot bigger to hold and heavier as well.

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